Artist Statement

Knot: a tangled mass


The knot is an image filled with inherent symbolic contradictions, suitable for addressing complexity. Knots are used to tie things down but also lift things up. They symbolize unity and eternity while also symbolizing confinement and restriction.

Influenced by the politically charged culture of the Bay Area, my work has moved toward capturing the confrontation of extremists in which I create highly contrasted images, pairing unlikely color combinations with layers of varied texture. I intentionally try and straddle the line between chaos and clarity. I capitalize on the tension while consciously channeling it toward something surprisingly vibrant and optimistic, creating imagery that is unapologetic in it’s vitality.


Through this confrontation of polarization, I have become increasingly aware of the role my gender plays in my approach to conflict, and how this role relates to a history of women finding vibrant and optimistic ways to push through struggle. I began reading papers by feminist artists like Harmony Hammond, Elaine Hedges and Ingrid Wendt exploring the historical relationship women have with fabric, piquing my interest as to how materials can suggest content.


In attempt to unravel many of our societal contradictions, I now incorporate entangled knots into my mutilated canvases. Now, fiercely aware of how fabric contextually addresses gender oppression, I pair this concept with the metaphor of a knot, creating work that responds to struggle, contradiction and resilience.